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Our friends at...


The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

"PARI's mission is to reveal the unseen and empower people to reach their next frontier"

- from the PARI website

Nestled in the Southern reaches of the Pisgah National Forest, PARI is a combined education and research facility. The campus has 4 radio telescopes - a 4.5-meter, a 12-meter, and 2 26-meter dishes. Both the 4.5 and 12-meter dishes are remotely accessible, with the 4.5-meter dish being used almost exclusively for educational purposes.

In addition to the radio dishes, PARI has a number of optical instruments, including a research grade Cassegrain telescope. 

We should also mention that PARI is home to the Astronomical Photographic Data Archive, which houses more than 420,000 astronomical photographic plates and films from observatories around the world.

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